Pop Culturing While Queer

So June has come around and with it, Pride. A month of celebrating everything LGBT+. With it scores of ruminations on queer influence on pop culture. But what about how us queers relate to pop culture that isn’t giving us a nod? To all that pop culture that is seen as a heteronormative and no attention is given to the fandom of those outside of that.

There’s no book entitled “A Queer Girl’s History of Boy Bands” (there damn well should be). There’s no podcast called “Dykes On Metal”. Who has ever given thought to why a closeted gay girl would know the lineup of N’Sync? Or how a decade earlier another one navigated the Aqua-Net and spandex of bands like Poison. Or why would some random queer girl think Top Gun is actually a damn fine popcorn flick?

There are, of course, no universals. The medium matters. The time frame matters. The specifics of who we’re talking about matter. After all a bi woman could find Eddie Vedder dreamy while a lesbian goes “Yes, he’s a dude. Definitely a dude”. There’s the matter of the impact being in the closet or out makes. And there are a whole lot of other variables, some of which wouldn’t even occur to me. After all my experience of pop culture is as a trans woman and lesbian, others have other experiences.

As with any dive into pop culture there’s the temptation to say “so what?”. Well it’s Pride, and if we’re going to dig into all manner of queer stuff, this should be part of it. Especially as it’s ignored historically. And oh I can hear some people go “but no lesbian is into/cares about…” in regards to certain things, yeah talk to some of us. Just remember, pop culture is everywhere, after all it’s pop culture, so isn’t like you can be a queer girl or woman and not interact with it.

I also have my own motives. Like it gives me something to blog about and it’s a topic that I can say a lot about Something different and hopefully worth reading. There is so much I could cover, even if I were to write two posts a day, at the end of the month I’d still have a lot left unsaid. So might as well spend as much time this month covering what I can. As well as some other stuff I want to cover.

In the end, it’s about how each of us experiences widely shared culture aka pop culture. The stuff you talk about at school, at a friend’s house, at work or wherever. You can’t really understand and relate to someone, if you don’t know how they relate to the every day stuff of life, like pop culture. Without that, good luck with furthering equality. So sharing is important, because every little bit matters.


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